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Georgia heat can be brutal on lawns. The hot summers with minimal rain can make seeded lawns really suffer. Installing sod is a good alternative to avoid any issues that comes with seeding and helps eliminate patchy areas. Installing sod provides an almost instant gorgeous lawn and will be well established fairly quickly.

The Soil Preperation Process

Preparing the soil is one of the key steps in having a lush lawn.  Our Dallas, GA sod installation experts will begin by removing the old turf.  Next we will till the soil and remove rocks, roots, and debris that may inhibit strong root growth.  We will finish grade and hand rake for the final soil preparation stage.


Laying Sod

Our team of landscapers will then lay the newly harvested sod and cut in the edges and the obstacles in the lawn. This will provide a well manicured appearance. We will give it a light amount of water and then manually roll the sod to ensure there are no air pockets. This provides good root contact with the soil to allow it to establish quickly and evenly.


Watering The New Sod Is Important

Setting up a regular watering schedule is imperative for the initial root growth. Our team will help you set up a watering schedule and let you know how much water to apply and when to apply it as the roots take to the soil.  


Different Types Of Sod

We offer many different types of sod for lawns in the Acworth, Dallas Georgia area. The main warm season sod we install will be Bermuda and Zoysia. Cool season turf that requires a lot of shade calls for Fescue sod.


Tiftuf Bermuda is one of the most popular sod types in the Paulding and Cobb County areas.  This particular sod is know for its hardiness and self-healing capabilities.  It is great if you have pets and children and holds up very well to traffic.  It also requires almost half the amount of water compared to Fescue sod.


There are a few different types of Zoysia that can be installed. Most of the varieties have a different leaf type varying from thick to thin. This is generally an owners preference. Zoysia is also very hardy and forms a thick carpet like turf.  Some Zoysia only requires 4-6 hours of sunlight which makes it a good choice if you have a partially shaded area. Zoysia also recovers well from damage and is tolerant to traffic volume.


Fescue turf is only installed in the fall or very early spring to give it time to root before extreme GA temperatures.  Fescue sod requires much less sunlight and is great for very shaded lawns.  Fescue does require a little more care and water then warm season turf but is green year around.


Contact us today and let us help you find out what type of sod is right for your property.

Bermuda Sod Installation Dallas GA

They planted SOD and installed stepping stones. Great Job! Fair price! They cleaned up where you could not tell they had ever been there.

Randy Finch


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