Landscaping With Sod in Acworth

Landscaping With Sod in Acworth

Sod Installed by Professional Landscaping Company in Acworth GA

Sod And Turf Installation By The Landscaping Pros In Acworth Georgia

Your lawn is one of the most important aspects of your home’s or business’s curb appeal. A beautiful lawn will be greatly appreciated by your neighbors, family members, friends, clients, and customers.

Think of how you use your lawn. Do you host barbecues or outdoor events? Do you have kids that enjoy playing outdoors?  Is this the first thing a customer sees when they approach your business?

As you can see, a beautiful lawn full of lush grass offers many wonderful benefits. One thing most homeowners and business owners do not realize is how much a well-manicured landscape can increase property values.

Lawn Frogs Landscaping understands how difficult it is to keep a lawn looking great. Our professional crews offer landscaping help, including a choice selection of Fescue, Zoysia & Bermuda sod.

If your lawn is in need or a refresh, Lawn Frogs can install sod grass to make your property beautiful once again.

There are numerous techniques that are used by our trained installers to ensure your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Having Professionals Install Your Sod

Our skilled teams specialize in installing new sod and turf to the homeowners of Acworth and Dallas Georgia. Whether you need your lawn fertilized to improve its appearance or a herbicide applied to rid your yard of weeds, Lawn Frogs Landscaping has you covered.

Each of the service technicians has years of experience in the lawn care business. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to create gorgeous outdoor living spaces you and your family will enjoy.

Additionally, the team works hard to minimize the amount of upkeep and maintenance you will be responsible for. Once the new sod is installed, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your lawn for years to come.

Only GCIA certified sod is used during installation.  This is the only type of turf certification that protects consumers from contaminated grasses and other noxious weeds.

The company utilizes specialty grasses, such as Bermuda, Fescue, and Zoysia, grown by certified and licensed grass farmers. Additionally, rich, top-quality soil may be used to ensure your soil has the nutrients your grass needs to stay looking green and beautiful.

Maintaining And Warranting you Sod Grass

After Lawn Frogs Landscaping installs your new sod, they work hard to ensure it stays looking great. Each lawn is fertilized after installation, watering schedules are developed and any herbicides or pesticides that are needed can be applied at the appropriate times. Finally, the company offers annual full lawn maintenance packages to ensure you can maximize your investment.

When you have Lawn Frogs install your sod and sign up for our Lawn Maintenance Program, then your sod may be warrantied for the life of the program.  Contact us today for more information.