Rose bushes can provide years of dedicated service. They look beautiful and smell fantastic. However, many people neglect pruning their roses. Why? Because they don’t know how. When you take the time to correctly prune your roses, you open them up to receive more air and sunlight. This will encourage your roses to provide you […]

Three Effects of Lawn Aeration a Landscaping Company Will Confirm

One of the main causes of thatchy turfs is soil compaction or soil structure degradation. Compaction happens when the bulk density of the soil increases due to internal or external loads, such as walking or running on the grass. Soil structure degradation is bad for your landscape because it has negative effects on the physical, […]

The Reasons That Make Lawn Care Essential to Your Landscaping Needs

You shouldn’t stop at having a newly-installed lawn because you must also think about who will take care of it in the long run. At the same time, lawn maintenance is not as simple as watering the turf and mowing the grass when it’s too long.

Lawn Care Tips for First-Time Homeowners Who Want a Healthy Landscape

If you’ve just bought your first home with a yard, you may not be aware yet of the lawn care it entails. Lawn maintenance goes beyond mowing, watering, and fertilizing because it is an intricate, year-round job. Here are the top three things to know about proper lawn care and why it’s a good decision […]

Professional Lawn Care Services Can Properly Maintain Your Landscaping

The first thing people often see as they drive by your house is the lawn. As such, you want it to look nice all throughout the year. This becomes problematic when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, whether it’s because of your work or your property is quite large.

Reasons for Adding Lighting and Fencing to Services From Landscapers

A beautiful landscape is known to enhance your mood and outlook, especially for homes. A yard imbued with natural features also promotes relaxation. Besides the right mix of plants, flowers, and fountains, you should also think about lighting and fencing your landscape. Consider the following benefits of both when hiring landscapers.

Here Are Some Landscaping Ideas from Experts to Beautify Your Lawn

As they say, your home says so much about you and sometimes, people can tell what kind of person you are just by looking at it from the outside. The surrounding landscape, therefore, should look great if you are after creating a great impression.

Remove the Mystery of 'When' Regarding Lawn Care Service and Aeration

Aeration—the process by which water, oxygen, and nutrients or fertilizers are incorporated into the soil through mechanical hole-punching—is just one of many services offered by a lawn care service, but is also one that people know very little about. Is it really so important and is your lawn a good candidate for aeration?

A Lawn Care Regimen Does Much More Than Maintain Beautiful Green Turf

Whether you own a large or small lawn, seeing a beautifully manicured one can produce a positive impact on your mood after returning home from a hard day of work with a desire to kick back and enjoy the natural beauty around your home. However, lawn care is not limited to its psychological effects. It […]

Professional Lawn Care Service Will Keep Your Grass Lush and Green

Do you want your lawn to look like a green carpet, outdoor fun with family and friends? The key to the perfect lawn is preparation, planning, and maintenance. These are the things that are always at the front of a lawn care professional’s mind when they are tending to your lawn. Here are some of […]

A Year-Round Lawn Care Service is Essential to Green Grass Maintenance

To get a well-manicured lawn, proper maintenance is a must. The U.S. experiences four seasons, and each one provides a different challenge to homeowners who look after lawns. This means different maintenance techniques are required, especially for spring, summer, and fall seasons. Here are a few tips to help keep your lawn looking green and […]

Follow These Tips from Landscapers for Beautiful Roses in Home Gardens

A beautiful rose garden is the dream of many homeowners. The gorgeous, robust flowers against a luscious green bush is certainly a dreamy image. However, roses are one of the most fickle varieties to grow. They are delicate and need a good amount of attention from you to be able to grow healthy. Thankfully, proper […]

Landscaping Professionals Share the Ideal Plants for Gardens at Home

New homeowners are often confused and overwhelmed by choices the first time they decide to work on their garden. There are so many types of plants and flowers to choose from, and they don’t know where to begin. In general, plants can be classified into three major categories: annual, biennial, and perennial. Let’s see the […]

Lawn Care Service and How It can Keep Your Property Looking Great

It could be that you were away for a long period of time on vacation or business, or you simply didn’t have the time to take care of it yourself. Whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is that your lawn needs to have regular TLC in order for it to keep staying healthy […]

Professional lawn care services mowing a residential lawn properly

Well-maintained front lawns can easily raise the value of any home in Woodstock, GA and make it the envy of the entire neighborhood. To reach this point, however, entails frequent and proper lawn care and maintenance. Fortunately, lawn care in Woodstock, GA isn’t as difficult as some homeowners may initially believe.

Bermuda Sod Installation in Georgia

Discover a more drought resistant Bermuda Grass in your Georgia Landscape and Sod installation.

Marietta, GA Landscaping Services for Beautiful Rodent-Free Yards

Rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels, and other furry rodents can cause instant and massive damage in a garden. So what’s a nature-loving homeowner to do when these critters gnaw stems, cripple roots, or make bulbs vanish? You’ve manicured your yard extensively, and if you spent some good money on a Marietta, GA landscaping service, you certainly […]

Landscaping service designs a beautiful garden path in a home garden

Your backyard is often a fantastic place to add a new living space for your family to enjoy. From nice garden dinners in spring to quiet sanctuary for your gardening projects, redesigning your home garden can be a very rewarding experience. If you are interested in starting a landscaping project soon, here are a few […]

Recommendations for Ideal Lawn Care in Woodstock, GA For Every Season

Lawn care is an all-year affair, but it helps to know what to do during each season. Preparing for the specific conditions of winter, spring, summer, and fall in relation to your lawn is key to doing the necessary steps to ensure its full lushness and health every month!

Rely on Lawn Care Service and Simple Steps to Keep That Lawn Lush

Every homeowner hopes to have a well-kept lawn round the clock. After all, it is a universally accepted fact that lawns play a huge role in the aesthetic appeal of your home. Even more important, it somehow reflects your quality of life.

Learn About the Value that Landscaping Projects can Offer for Everyone

Well-manicured and luscious gardens have their own charms, though one might be oblivious to the efforts made just to keep these gardens looking their best. For some people, landscaping is (perhaps) hard work. Still, what value can landscaping projects provide to compensate the hard work it entails? A lot, maybe more than what some people […]

Follow the Latest Gardening Trends from Top Landscapers in Marietta

There is nothing like ringing in the new year by investing time and effort into your garden. Laying out the groundwork early on, after all, will cash in some beautiful blooms that will be truly rewarding as the year progresses. If you hope to turn your garden into something that looks like it belongs in […]

Fescue Lawn Care in Acworth

Best Fescue Lawn Care in Acworth, GA How To Mow Tall Fescue Turf Mowing should be done at a cutting height of 2.5 inches; in summer months leave it taller and up to 3 inches. In one mowing do not mow over 1/3 off of the leaf. Use a rotary mower with sharp mower blades for […]

Advice On Mowing Your Lawn And When You Should Scalp Turf Grass is a unique plant and basically the only plant types that can be cut down regularly and still appear visually appealing. The majority of homeowners who have lawns do not mow their lawns often enough. The correct mowing procedures play a key role […]

Bermuda Sod Installation in Georgia

Discover a more drought resistant Bermuda Grass in your Georgia Landscape and Sod installation.

Proper Sod Installation In Marietta, GA

Tips On Laying Sod From Marietta’s Top Rated Landscapers Correct Sod Installation Techniques Laying sod doesn’t have to be boring or even tedious. As a matter of fact, laying sod can be very enjoyable if you just know what to do. There is nothing as fulfilling as transforming a barren piece of land into a […]

lawn mowing in Acworth, Georgia

Healthier Lawn Tips From A Professional Lawn Care Company In Acworth In combination with Lawn Frogs Landscaping maintenance program, the following tips can help you achieve a luscious, green lawn. A beautiful Georgia lawn can serve as a great way to set the scene for summer activities, parties, picnics, cookouts, and other outdoor activities. Having […]

Acworth, Georgia Gardening and Lawn Care Guide

Tips For Monthly Lawn Care In Georgia Landscaping Maintenance Calendar January- Tips From Landscaping Professionals Turf Care A good time for mowing a warm-season, dormant lawn is a dry winter day. It grooms the lawn and also gets rids of fallen pine needles and leaves. It also provides you with the opportunity to check your yard […]

Green Acworth Lawn Care

Acworth, Georgia DIY Landscaping Solutions For Acworth homeowners, having a nice green lawn is a great source of pride. A natural-looking, lush and beautiful turf grass is an important part of how they define “home.” Anytime you are considering your options for Acworth landscaping installation, you may need to decide whether you should hire a professional lawn care service […]

Acworth Lawn Care Leaf Removal

How Leaves Can Negatively Impact Your Acworth Lawn Lawn Frogs Landscaping recommends that you should not let leaves remain on your Acworth, GA lawn during the cold winter months, unless you want to reseed again in the springtime. An additional seasonal lawn care question that should be asked is whether it’s worth it or not to […]

Mulching Is better for Marietta Lawns

Reasons To Mulch The Leaves In Your Landscape Most experts agree that the most beautiful Marietta lawns begin to show in the fall. After summer’s bliss you would be less inclined to think about stepping outside to take care of your lawn. Many years worth of research has proven that the most opportune time to invest in a […]