As they say, your home says so much about you and sometimes, people can tell what kind of person you are just by looking at it from the outside. The surrounding landscape, therefore, should look great if you are after creating a great impression.

Having said that, it is important to note that landscaping is not always something that you can simply D.I.Y.  Professional landscapers can provide you with wonderful concepts based on their expertise and your home architecture or lawn structure.

Emphasize an Entry

The key to directing people to any entry point in your home, or yard, is to accentuate that area. An arbor or flower arch, for example, makes for a beautiful and welcoming entrance to your backyard garden. How about the other areas, then?

Greet Your Guests with Flowers

Flowers always look jovial and welcoming. Thus, adorning entrances with lovely, colourful blooms will encourage your visitors to drop by from time to time – all year round.

Mix and match different types and colours and as much as possible, go for low-maintenance ones such as the drought-resistant Crinums (sturdy lilies that are both colourful and fragrant). Petunia, begonia, hibiscus, and honeysuckle are also among the best choices for your annual and perennial flowering plants.

Dress up the Driveway

Although it is important to have easy access to and from your driveway, it is often necessary to somehow hide it from view as driveways are not always a sight to behold. To soften the look of a concrete drive, grow some low shrubs and perennials on the sides, line the driveway with your favourite flowers, or add some light for both style and functionality.

Flaunt a Focal Point

It could be a grotto, a pond, or an arbor surrounded by blossoming shrubs and winding vines. It could even be an oversized rock formation or a century-old tree. Clearly, the purpose of adding a focal point to your landscape is to highlight a certain, sometimes special, area against the rest of the space.

Effective in drawing your visitors’ attention where you want it, a focal point also serves to provide the eyes something to rest on. Be careful not to overdo it, though, so as not to defeat that purpose. Uncertain what to add as a focal point? Consider the following ideas.

Plan a Garden Paradise

Whether you call it paradise, nirvana, or haven, having such an area in your yard not only makes for an enjoyable personal escape but also serves as a lovely focal point when appropriately incorporated into your landscape. Add a table and a few chairs where you can sit back and relax among luscious greens and colourful flowers. Who does not want a beautiful and beneficial space anyway?

Set Aside for a Swimming Pool

Having your own swimming pool at home always sounds like fun and for some, it has always been their childhood dream. Indeed, one way to attract your guests’ attention would be to have a swimming pool in your yard – an instant focal point! Soften the edges of the swimming pool with easy-care perennials and evergreen shrubs.

Stay in Style

You may have already seen and heard hundreds of landscaping ideas and suggestions prior to reading this post. One invaluable tip, though, that you must always consider is staying within the style, theme, and overall look of your house. The lawn and almost everything else in your yard should complement, rather than compete, with the structural design of your home.

Below are some ideas that will help you achieve a great look for your landscaped lawn without having to deal with the monotony of staying coherent.

Create Layers and Levels

A one-dimensional landscape may look dull to some, although an uncluttered, symmetrical or flat lawn looks nice, too. But how do you make the whole view more visually appealing without having to sacrifice balance and coordination? Go asymmetrical – but with a pattern.

You can do this by adding rows of planters and baskets. Go for slightly elevated planters or hanging baskets, and make sure that they are spaced evenly or are still somehow following a certain pattern. Doing so will give your landscape the different levels and layers that it needs to look more interesting.

Get Creative with Colours

While keeping up with your house’s main theme, you can still create for your lawn interesting color patterns that pop. You can play it up with flowers of different colors or stick to a certain color palette that would remain constant throughout the landscape. You can also pick one colour and experiment with its different shades (e.g. red and its lighter shade which is pink). The possibilities are endless!

There are so many ways to create a beautiful landscape for your home, and for many of your wonderful ideas, it would be best to hire a landscaping service to help you live your dream landscape from planning to execution.


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