Whether you own a large or small lawn, seeing a beautifully manicured one can produce a positive impact on your mood after returning home from a hard day of work with a desire to kick back and enjoy the natural beauty around your home. However, lawn care is not limited to its psychological effects. It provides economic and practical benefits as well. Indeed, a well-maintained lawn, plus a patio, can muster a high ROI if ever you decide to sell your home.

Learn more about the top four impacts of great lawn care on your financial and personal well-being.

Landscaping and Property Prices

Lawn care is crucial to your landscaping and directly shapes the value of your home. Many buyers actually prefer and value a beautiful environment around the house, including a green turf with lovely plants and trees. A weed-free yard, complemented by potted and planted flowers, as well as a well-mowed, mulched, and green landscape, can have a minimum return of 5 to 20 percent.

John Gidding, the host of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” as well as Logo TV’s “Secret Guide to Fabulous,” notes that the return on your investment in landscaping can reach as high as 1,000 percent. He alluded to a project that invested $20,000 in lawn care and improvements, providing the owners with $200,000 more on the resale than their original purchase price. There’s no guarantee, of course, of a 1,000 percent ROI, but this real-life project underscores how greatly lawn care can affect property prices.


Lawn care performed by an expert company also provides convenience. You don’t have to do the cutting, weeding, fertilizing, mulching, and edging yourself, which can take up a significant amount of time. Furthermore, you may not exactly possess the experience to create a great landscape design, one that fits your home and budget simultaneously. You can leave the creative thinking to experts who are experienced in plant selection, tree planting, landscape lighting, and weed and grub control.

In addition, lawn care includes managing invasive plants that can multiply quickly and may require a multi-pronged approach to be controlled or eliminated. A lawn care company knows how to properly identify and control invasive plants which choke out beautiful local plants.

More Livable Space

Adding and maintaining patios and walkways are great ways of expanding your livable space. Lawn care services can provide the design and construction of a patio perfect for recreation or dining. Consequently, when you feel like eating out alone or with your family, friends, or boss, you can do so on your patio while admiring your lawn.

Generally made of stone, brick, rock, or concrete, a patio can easily be constructed or altered, depending on your specific recreational or dining needs. Furthermore, a lawn care company can take charge of maintaining patios and walkways, not to mention making the necessary repairs.

Better Safety

A lawn care service can also install and repair fences. While an open, gateless house appears truly inviting, it can also invite burglary. By adding a fence, you can deter thieves, as well as trespassers, from entering your home.

On the other hand, a broken fence can compromise the safety of your home. Many lawn care services can repair fences immediately to decrease the risk of theft and keep pets or other animals from entering your home and ruining your yard.

Complete lawn care can consist of the construction of patios, walkways, and fences, as well as landscaping, which all have direct impacts on property prices and well-being. For a beautiful and safe home, you deserve lawn care that can address your various comfort and security needs.


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