It could be that you were away for a long period of time on vacation or business, or you simply didn’t have the time to take care of it yourself. Whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is that your lawn needs to have regular TLC in order for it to keep staying healthy and looking its best.

At the very least, you should know about the most common problems property owners are likely to encounter when it comes to their lawns. A professional lawn care service, such as Lawn Frogs Landscapes, can help you deal with these if in case you do find your plate to be a little too full for lawn care duties.

Lawn Thatch

So maybe you had a bit of time previously to take care of your lawn, but then things got in the way and you weren’t really able to finish the clean-up you started. As a result, you weren’t able to get rid of the clippings of grass. You didn’t think it would be a problem because it’s still just grass sitting on grass, anyway.

Well, that clump of pulled out or clipped grass will eventually form into a thatch, or that pile of dead organic matter or buildup. With this around, the water is prevented from reaching the live grass underneath, therefore increasing their vulnerability to developing disease. This disease could spread fast enough to affect the rest of the lawn in no time.


The application of fertilizers must be done with much care and attention. Put too little and it’s not going to help your lawn any, but put too much and you’re putting it at risk of damage. It’s not just the amount that you must pay attention to, but also the time of the day that you apply it.

The risk increases if the kind of fertilizer you use is chemical-based. Organic ones are found to be a lot safer for the lawn, though, as potential for damage is mitigated. Still, however, this does not guarantee immunity from damage due to wrong application. So really, more often than not, the issue is with how the product is used, and not necessarily the product per se.

Poor Mowing Quality

Mowing is not just a random act of cutting the grass short. If you don’t mow it according to the most appropriate height, then you could have crabgrass on your lawn in no time. This is a type of grass that is generally considered to be a lawn pest.

These are just some situations wherein a professional lawn care service should serve you well. Companies like Lawn Frogs Landscapes are well-equipped and experienced enough to deal with common lawn problems like this, and even more advanced ones.


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