Every homeowner hopes to have a well-kept lawn round the clock. After all, it is a universally accepted fact that lawns play a huge role in the aesthetic appeal of your home. Even more important, it somehow reflects your quality of life.

The good news is keeping your lawn as pleasing as possible is viable, with a few tricks. Check out some of the best lawn care practices for that lush green throughout the year.


Proper watering is one of the most important things towards having a lawn you can be proud of. For best results, deep watering should be done once a week. The best time to do it, however, is in the morning, particularly between 4 AM to 10 AM.

Try not to water your lawn at night, as the moisture may cling to the blades and trigger diseases. In addition, make sure at least up to six inches of grass is watered to ensure optimal growth. And when using a sprinkler, use a pulsating or revolving one instead of the oscillating type.


Fertilizer feeding should start in the spring, when the grass starts growing. The second one should happen about a month later, followed by fertilization every four to six weeks until October. Come fall, make sure you are still fertilizing your lawn as it is the most important application of the year.

When choosing fertilizers, slow-release ones with enough nitrogen are best. These will yield a beautiful green that won’t grow too fast. You can also ask your provider of lawn care service in Woodstock, GA or nearby areas for a customized recommendation.


Aeration is the process of perforating holes in the soil to facilitate the easier absorption of nutrients, as well as allow air and water to pass through the soil quickly. Lawns that are heavily used, feature dry soil, have been newly built, or have soil layering should be aerated during the start of the grass growth. For lawns with cool season grass, aeration should either be during early spring or fall; for lawns with warm season grass, it should happen during late spring.

Do a soil test

Finally, do a soil test every three months to vet the health of your lawn. Soil testing is best done during spring, before the addition of compost or any other amendment. If you opt to do this yourself, you can choose from available soil kits. But for this phase, it is best to consult a professional provider of lawn care service in Woodstock, GA, such as Lawn Frogs Landscapes, to ensure optimal testing results.


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