There is nothing like ringing in the new year by investing time and effort into your garden. Laying out the groundwork early on, after all, will cash in some beautiful blooms that will be truly rewarding as the year progresses. If you hope to turn your garden into something that looks like it belongs in the cover of Lawn and Landscape, paying attention to the trends forecasted to be big this year is not a bad place to start.
Here’s a roundup of the top five trends that are seen to dominate gardens.

Au Naturelle

The use of natural and tactile materials, designs, and elements is seen to be making a comeback for this year, says industry experts. Gone are the days of concrete minimalism: here come swing seating, free-form decks, and railway ties. Ask your landscapers to think organic when setting up your gardening space.

Haute Plants

Structures in gardens may follow more natural lines this year, but that does not mean your plants should be traditional and dated. Haute houseplants, in fact, are expected to be in demand for 2017 as the trend of bringing the outdoors inside the house continues to thrive. To adopt this trend, opt for plants or shrubbery that evoke a bold statement, such as the fiddle leaf fig.

Active Play Space

In an increasingly techie world, it looks like people are seeking relaxing spaces more and more. They’re starting with their gardens. Moving forward, active play spaces cum gardens are predicted to be dotting the houses of many gardening enthusiasts.

Think about what you would like to walk out to for some instant therapeutic me-time right in your home. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive, too: if a hammock can bring you that sense of peace, let your gardener know.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is the design philosophy that aims to highlight a focal point by solidifying the areas that surround it with a uniform shade. Already a trend in fashion, it seems to be making its way to our outdoor spaces as well. Achieve this look by painting a wall behind your prized plants or garden features with something that will make them come to life.

Old and New

Finally, consider the melding of the past and the future for your garden design this year. The thoughtful use of differing elements will result in meshed aesthetics that will add an instant makeover to your home’s landscape. You can incorporate classic themes into modern touches such as using wood-block seating to complement a stone slab table.

Achieve any of these looks by talking to trusted landscapers in Marietta, like those from Lawn Frogs Landscapes. With their help, your garden will soon be the envy of your neighbors.


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