Tips On Laying Sod From Marietta’s Top Rated Landscapers

Correct Sod Installation Techniques

Laying sod doesn’t have to be boring or even tedious. As a matter of fact, laying sod can be very enjoyable if you just know what to do.Marietta, Georgia Sod Installation

There is nothing as fulfilling as transforming a barren piece of land into a lush and thriving lawn.  When I started my landscaping business and mostly dealt with lawn care. If sod is installed correctly, the process can be rewarding.

If not so, you could end up wasting a lot of money and time. When it comes to laying sod, there are many things that need to be done, and I will be covering most of them in this article.

Most of the landscape tricks and tips presented here, if followed, will help make your project successful.

Clearing Old Grass And Debris In The Landscape

The first step to take when laying sod in Marietta, GA is to completely clear the desired landscape area you are working on of debris and old material.

This means everything from large rocks, to old pipes, to existing grass, to plant roots.

Ensure that you completely clear the area so that all’s left is bare dirt. How effectively you do this depends on how the area looks.Landscape Company Installing Sod

If there is grass already that is sickly, or if there are infesting grass types like crabgrass, then consider removing it.

Personally, I prefer using a flat shovel in small areas to do this; but that could end up being a lot of work. The best way to go about this is first breaking up the soil using a rototiller. This machine is generally rented out for about $60 for 24 hours – but that depends on the vendor.

The good thing is that you can rent one anywhere machinery is rented out. Rototillers are handy as they allow you to loosen up between 3-6 inches of the topsoil where the new sod will be laid.  I will say when using a rototiller they are very labor intensive, so be prepared.

The best option for a large landscape area is to contact and have them use a skid steer or more commonly known as a “Bobcat” to clear the soil of all the debris and old grass and vegetation.

Sod Installation Ground Preparation

The next step to take when proper sod installation in Marietta, GA  involves preparing the soil so that it is exactly how you want it.

Ground preparation involves adding extra things like fertilizer gypsum, sand, etc. to your soil.

These things are known as soil amendments. It is difficult to tell you the exact things you will need to add to the soil since recommended amendments typically differ from soil type to soil type and region to region.

The Professional Landscape Installers at Lawn Frogs Landscaping can recommend the right amendments for your soil type and area. Ensure that you water your soil a couple of times to allow it to settle a bit once you have added your topsoil and amendments.

Installing a Sprinkler System In Your Landscape

After you have leveled your ground and have added all the needed amendments, consider installing your sprinkler system.

Make sure that you install your sprinklers in a way that the heads are ½ an inch above the ground. Sod is typically ¾ to 1 inches thick, so if your sprinkler heads are sticking ½ an inch above the ground, they will line up impeccably with the sod once your ground compacts a bit.

To get them to the height you want, simply unscrew your riser from the system’s pipe and cut as many sections as it will take to get them to the right height.

Do this to all of your sprinklers. Once you are done with that, then you can order your sod.

Just make sure that you lay the sod in an alternating pattern so that its seams do not line up.

Marietta Sod Installation

Up to that point, you should be able to start laying your sod.

Ensure that your soil is completely leveled and prepared and that your sprinkler system is already installed.

Once everything is in order, it is time to buy and/or lay the sod. Sod is normally sold in strips that are about 2-feet wide and 8-feet long.

It is recommended that you lay the sod immediately it is delivered to keep the roots of your grass from drying. Before you start laying your sod, it is important to ensure that the ground is moist.

You do not want air pockets between the ground and your sod – you really don’t want your sod’s roots drying out.Proper Sod Installation In Marietta, GA

However, do not drench the ground; just make sure its moist. When laying sod, start from the furthest corner of the yard and go all the way to the back wall.

If a strip has too much sod or if there is an odd shape that you probably will have to cut around, then grab a machette or sharp knife and trim the sod.

The great thing about sod is that it is easy to trim; as such, making the necessary cuts should not be that hard a task. You will have to cut circles around the sprinkler system’s heads so that they stick through the sod.

Also, you will have to cut some sod off when the strip reaches the end of the yard.

After you have covered the whole back line with sod, then start laying the sod against the very first pieces, but do not line your sod’s seams in straight lines.

The strips’ edges should not match up so that they fill in much better and will help to eliminate any discrepancies. When you reach your sprinkler heads, use your knife to cut holes on the sod where a head is.

Keep on with this while making sure that the ground is moist as you move along. It is important that you lay the sod relatively fast, especially during hot, dry days. It is also critical to water the sod you just placed as move along.

At the same time, make sure that you spray the newly planted sod with a few squirts of water.

Rolling The Newly Installed Sod

Using a sod roller is the final step of the sod laying process.

This step is not completely necessary, but many people recommend it as it helps get rid of any air pockets that might be present and makes sure that there is proper contact between your sod’s roots and the soil.

Most sod rollers are made of plastic and can be filled with water so that they become a bit heavier. The great thing is that sod rollers are rented out, and you will probably find one in the same place you rent a rototiller.

When working with a sod roller, all that is needed is one pass. Do not overdo it; just a single pass should be enough.

And that’s it; you now have a nicely installed sod lawn!

Just make sure to water the sod at least once every day – depending on weather conditions for 2-3 weeks then once it is established it will require 2 inches per week.

To make sure that you do it right, consider asking your sod vendor about how often it should be watered. It is my hope that your sod grows well and transforms your lawn into a sight of beauty.  If you have any questions or would like a free estimate on sod installation please contact us today!