Healthier Lawn Tips From A Professional Lawn Care Company In Acworth

In combination with Lawn Frogs Landscaping maintenance program, the following tips can help you achieve a luscious, green lawn.Lawn Care in Acworth

A beautiful Georgia lawn can serve as a great way to set the scene for summer activities, parties, picnics, cookouts, and other outdoor activities.

Having a great looking lawn is not always easy.

Maintaining Your Acworth GA Lawn

The following information provides seven tips to keep a healthy, beautiful, and great lawn all throughout the growing season.

Lawn Care Tip #1- The One-Third Rule of Lawn Mowing

Your lawn will become stressed if you remove more than one-third of the grass blades. Removing too much of the grass blade will make it difficult for your lawn to thrive, and it will look burnt out.

Lawn Care Tip #2- Longest Acceptable Height For Turf

Having long grass blades will cause the roots to grow deeper. Grass with deeper roots are able to withstand drought, pests, and disease much better than grass with shallow roots.lawn maintenance Acworth GA

Lawn Care Tip #3- Keep Mower Blades Sharp

Sharp mower blades will enhance your lawn’s appearance. A sharp blade makes cleaner cuts of grass. The grass will recover faster from mowing when sharp blades are used.

Lawn Care Tip #4- Add Fertilizer

To achieve a green, healthy lawn, use fertilizer. The timing of fertilizer is equally important to achieve the best results. Contact us today to learn about our fertilization program.

Lawn Care Tip #5- Combat Diseases, Insects, And Weeds

Dry areas or brown circles on your lawn are an indication of a problem. Since problems often travel under the soil, large circles called brownouts, which are caused by insects or fungi, leave noticeable dead grass.

Contact a Lawn Frogs Landscaping professional to help identify the underlying problem and find recommended lawn treatments.

Lawn Care Tip #6- Water Deeply

Water your lawn deeply, instead of shallow watering, to help encourage deeper root growth.

The preferred ratio is an inch of water to a foot of soil for actively growing grass. Instead of watering for a few minutes daily, water your lawn deeply every three days for better results.lawn mowing in Acworth, Georgia

Lawn Care Tip #7- Monitor The Irrigation System

For proper watering, your irrigation system needs to be tested. One way is to place multiple pans on your lawn.

When the irrigation system is on, make a note of how long it takes for an inch of water to accumulate.

Check to determine if each pan collects the same amount of water. You may need to adjust your sprinkler heads to achieve the right amount or distance of water.