Reasons To Mulch The Leaves In Your Landscape

Most experts agree that the most beautiful Marietta lawns begin to show in the fall. After summer’s bliss you would be less inclined to think about stepping outside to take care of your lawn.Mulching Leaves for Marietta, GA Lawns

Many years worth of research has proven that the most opportune time to invest in a green lawn that you will get to enjoy in spring.

If you know a bit about lawn fertilization, then this is an added bonus. Did you know that you have a resource that has been staring you in the face all this time? Tree leaves.

You may be used to raking in leaves to prevent the soggy build-up that is as a result of combining with the wet snow. Furthermore, thanks to the ban on yard waste during the 90’s, lawn specialists conducted research on what might happen if leaves were simply left on the lawn. Their results were astonishing!

During the wet months of October, take out your mower and set it to the highest setting it has. Mow over the leaves at least twice. This is an activity that can be done once a week unless you are facing heavy winds which would then result in you mowing your lawn at least twice in one week.

Lawn Care Tips On Mulching LeavesYou are guaranteed to find leaf residue that you should leave on your lawn. Reason being, these small pieces of leaves will sift down through the turf.

In a few months, those same pieces will provide much needed nutrients as well as protection from weeds. This simple practice can save you both money and time in the long run. Once spring comes around, you will not even realize that there had once been leaf mulch on your lawn.

Depending on the type of mower you own, it is possible to mulch up to 6 inches of leaves. Push mowers, though effective, will handle only smaller amounts of leaves. Through the years of research conducted by turf specialists, certain benefits of this practice emerged.

One of them is that homeowners needed less fertilizer to achieve rich green lawns in spring. Having no weeds was another benefit.

You are probably asking yourself as to how exactly mulched leaves can prevent weeds. The decomposing leaf mulch tend to cover up any bare patches in turf plans.

These spots are often the perfect spot for weeds to start cropping up. Turf Care Specialists were able to see a reduction in weeds in just three years of employing this practice.Mulching Is better for Marietta Lawns

Mulching And Bagging Leaves In The Turf

If your mower has a bagging feature, then you can choose to mulch the turf one week, and collect the ground leaves the following week.

The ground leaves you collect can then be used to fertilize vegetable gardens or landscape beds.

If bare soil is covered with mulched leaves then winter weeds will have no chance to germinate, while at the same time, you will be providing organic nutrients to your soil.

If you need a luscious looking Marietta lawn without having to invest hundreds of dollars in terms of fertilizer, then simply mulch your leaves instead of throwing them away.  For more information and lawn care tips follow our blog or contact us today!