How Leaves Can Negatively Impact Your Lawn

Experts state that you should not let leaves remain on your Marietta, GA lawn during the cold winter months, unless you want to reseed in the springtime. An additional seasonal question that should be asked is whether it’s worth it or not to spend time and risk blisters by doing the work alone or hiring our professional lawn care technicians for help.leaf pile on lawn

Highly-rated lawn professionals in Marietta, GA explain to our researchers that when leaves pile up, they become a heavy mass that can damage or destroy grass and lawn plants.

Matted leaves do not allow sunlight to shine through and they eliminate water evaporation. This may lead to mold, fungus and disease. These problems can completely wipe out your lawn in two years or less.

Mulching Leaves Or Leaf Removal?

Experts state that you can leave smaller leaves on the ground because they either rapidly decompose or they blow away. These kinds of leaves come from honey locust, birch, dogwood and ginko trees. If they do not become too thick, it is fine to leave them on the ground.

There are two primary ways to get rid of leaves. You can run over them with a lawnmower to mulch them into small pieces, and these can be left on your lawn for nutrients. You could also rake and gather the leaves.

When leaves are in the right setting, their natural material can be a positive amendment to soil. Because of this, try to avoid bagging your leaves and taking them to a landfill.

One of our professional landscape services is leaf removal. A widely used method that our professionals like involves the use of mobile vacuuming to eradicate every bit of the leaves from your lawn. Alternatively, they may rake all of the leaves onto a tarp. They are then loaded on a trailer and hauled away to our compost site.

leaves can kill turf grassIf you are considering hiring a Marietta lawn care professional to assist you with leaf maintenance, don’t wait until nearly all of your leaves have fallen this will create problems through out your landscape.

Alternatively, you may just prefer that they come assist you weekly on a routine basis with one of our lawn maintenance programs.  Our top-rated Marietta lawn professionals are in high gear in the fall and most customers ask for leaf cleanings before Thanksgiving and before Christmas day.

Lawn Frogs Landscaping uses the most innovative methods and top of the line equipment to for our leaf clean up projects.  Our crews are highly efficient and have a well reviewed reputation.
damage from leaves on the lawn

For more information on any of our fall lawn maintenance services including leaf clean up please contact us today!