Bermuda Aeration For Your Turf Grass In Acworth, Georgia.

Do you know the time when you need to aerate Bermuda grass?

If no, do not worry this article will help you have some knowledge that will help you a lot when aerating your Bermuda grass. The best time to aerate is when the Bermuda grass is growing rapidly during summer.

It is possible to aerate Bermuda grass twice a year on very compact soils. After aeration, you need to apply some fertilizer and water to make sure the turf recovers fast.

Before we discuss how aeration works, we need to first define what aeration really is. Aeration is the process of poking holes in the soil where turf has already been planted. Hundreds of holes are cored out. The main reason for aeration is to allow nutrients, oxygen and water to penetrate the roots of the grass better.Lawn Aerator Acworth, GA

It is more effective to use a motorized aerator machine to carry out his process. You can get this machines in our hardware or tool rental stores. Below are some of the tips that you should have in mind when choosing a good aerator:

-A good aerator has hollow tines (spoons) whose function is to pull plugs of the earth while the machine is moving around the lawn.

-Solid tine spike aerators which are mostly pulled by lawn may not be very beneficial.

-The crisscross pattern is ideal for aeration. Move the machine back and forth in one direction. Next, move the machines at right angles to the first series of movements.

-Closely examine a square foot area of the lawn. Ever square foot of the lawn should have at least 12 holes. If this has not yet been achieved, you will have to repeat aeration again.

-In case the plugs of soil on the surface are objectionable, let the soil dry for a few days and pulverize using a carpet measuring 5 by 5.

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The soil in and around Acworth, Georgia contains a lot of clay. If you want to prove this, then try using a shovel to wield the soil. The soil in Georgia is made up mainly of tiny clay soil particles which become packed easily by rain and traffic. This makes the earth seem like it is made of bricks after the hot southern summer.

The soil under a lawn is rained on, it is mowed regularly and it is played on. These activities make the soil beneath a lawn harder than it is supposed to be. It is not possible to dig the entire lawn just to soften the soil. So the question is, how you can loosen the soil in the lawn while at the same time not damaging the turf grass in any way.

The best Acworth GA Lawn Care answer is to aerate the Bermuda turf grass using an aerator which loosens the soil by coring holes into the ground. These allow water and oxygen penetrate deeper into the soil. As a result, the roots will go deeper making the grass more resistant to diseases and drought.

When Should I Aerate My Acworth Lawn?

Each type of grass has different aeration seasons. The bottom line is that all types of grasses should be aerated before the grass begins to grow more rapidly. September and October are the best months to aerate fescue grass as most of the productive growth of fescue grass is during the fall.

Late April is the best time to aerate Bermuda, centipedegrass, and zoysiagrass. This is because they almost are growing rapidly and they have completed the green up process.

Which type of aerator?

Dr. Robert Carrow who is a turf expert at the University of Georgia, compare two types of aerator: the core aerator and a spike operator. He said that the core aerator pulled up a large plug of the earth as the hollow tines or ‘spoons’ plunge deep into the earth.

The spikes, on the other hand, has narrow solid rods which pull out the soil surface. The core aerator he concluded encourage water extraction by almost 25% and deep rooting. However, he claimed that the spike aerator showed no effect on the grass.

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Thatch removal

Plugs of soil deposited on top of the ground decompose thatch. This is without any risk of turf damage powering dethatchers pose. In case you are planning to do a light fall overseeding, on a fescue lawn the holes by the aerator will provide a good environment or seed germination. The fertilizer can also penetrate more deeply and helps lawn recover fast.

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