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Ornamental Grass Pruning Facts That You Aren’t Aware Of

Ornamental grass is a popular addition to many Roswell landscapes, and for good reason, the unique shapes, height and blooms can add a lot all by them selves. Of course, when it comes to maintaining your ornamental grass by pruning and thinning, it can be a daunting task. This is one reason hiring the best professional landscape company, like Lawn Frogs Landscaping, to take care of pruning, and maintaining your ornamental grasses is a great idea!

Although you might want to try and do it yourself, the following 5 facts you might not know about pruning ornamental grasses might change your mind! This is especially true for larger grasses, like pampas grass, that can get extremely dense and tall. This can lead to unpleasant, and even dangerous, pruning experiences.

1) Pruning Can Be Dangerous Because Large Ornamental Grass Leaves Are Razor Sharp

Very few people are aware of the fact that many of the larger ornamental grasses have leaves as sharp as razors, that is until they try to prune them! The edges of the leaves are serrated, fine and sharp, easily slicing your finger, arms or legs. Unless you have previous experience with this plant, you could end up cut up pretty badly as a result of your efforts.

2) Dense Landscape Ornamental Grasses Attract Snakes

This a danger for that is important to be aware of with all ornamental grasses, especially if you have several large beds or them or very large specimens. As a natural hiding ground and habitat, if you have venomous snakes in your area, attempting to prune the grass yourself can lead to an encounter of the worst kind, or worse yet, a snake bite. Not only will the a professional landscape trimming service have experience to deal with it, they will also have a larger crew on hand to help in case of an emergency.

3) Getting Rid Of Debris and Landscape Clippings Can be a Hassle

In cases where the grass is over grown, requiring a complete ‘haircut’ or burn, getting rid of those dangerous razors can be a pain – literally! Between bundling up the leaves and flowers without cutting yourself, avoiding critters, and finding somewhere to dump them, it can be a very time consuming venture! By leaving the work up to the professionals you have the advantage of not hot having to worry about getting rid of the clippings, but can sit back and enjoy your weekend – and your beautiful lawn and garden!

4) Timing Is Everything – Pruning On Time

As with most things in the garden, pruning at the right time is essential to avoiding permanent damage, or sickly looking ornamental grass for an extended period of time. Prune too early or too late, and you end up with a sickly looking plant for the rest of the year.This is especially true if you have rare or specialty ornamental grasses that might be more delicate than the ones that are native to Georgia.

Thanks to their years of experience, the professionals at Lawn Frogs Landscaping can make sure your garden is at it’s peak when it should be, giving you home or business the curb appeal it deserves.

5) Get More Flower Blooms For Better Fall Color

Pruning and trimming the right amount at the right time can help your ornamental grasses provide a beautiful fall display in your garden. This is of important, after all, their entire purpose is to be ‘ornamental’, and show of with their form, color and blooms. The professionals will know the best time table to help your ornamental grass look their best all year round, providing you with the beautiful landscape you want, with none of the work!

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If you have ornamental grasses that are native to Georgia and are looking for pruning services, look no further! Professional landscaping services have the equipment and safety great necessary to trim your large ornamental grasses safely. If you are looking for the best lawn and ornamental grass care service in Georgia, contact Lawn Frogs Landscaping today or visit their website to find out more about the quality services they provide to Roswell, Georgia residents. Whey spend your weekend pruning your ornamental grass, leave that to the pros!