Applying A Pre-Emergent Is Important To Having A Weed Free Marietta Lawn

Time To Think About Your Marietta, GA Lawn and Landscape

Is it too early to think about your lawn? Absolutely not! Now is the perfect time to get started on having the greenish and most luscious Marietta GA Lawn in the neighborhood. One thing that you should do early on is use a pre-emergent which stops weeds and wild grass before they root. It sets the scene for you to have a weed free lawn.

As you will learn it is one of the most important steps and it shouldn’t be looked over because it is the foundation of a great looking yard. Read this article and learn all the details about using a pre-emergent.

What Does Pre-Emergent Do For Your Lawn In Marietta, GA

The great thing about a pre-emergent is that it will inhibit weeds and crab grass seeds from sprouting instead of letting them root and having to deal with an ugly weed problem a few weeks to months later.

These types of chemicals can be sprayed or applied by a granule to both lawns and some ornamental bed areas.  Pre-emergent works by stopping weed seeds from germinating in the first place. This in turn gives the turf grass more room to spread its roots in the early spring and provide a lush and healthy lawn.

This product should not be used on newly installed seeds of any kind or on freshly laid sod.  Pre-emergent can NOT distinguish between weeds and turf grass or ornamental plants and flowers.  Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and application process if you try this on your own.  If you do not feel comfortable than contact us to take care of it for you.

So you can see how it works and when it must be done. Yes it might seem early to think about your lawn but this is the perfect time to have it done because of the cycle that seeds germinate.

A Needed Extra Step For Your Lawn That You Shouldn’t Bypass

There are so many things that people do to improve the way that their Marietta lawn looks. Even people who spend a lot of money and time on their lawn sometime forget to use a pre-emergent and it leads to their lawn having weeds among all the pretty grass that they have.

It doesn’t need to be this way and the remedy to this problem is using a pre-emergent that is designed to kill weeds before they have time to germinate. This is one of the most forgotten steps in creating a lawn that is the envy of your neighbors and friends.

Your Lawn And Grass Will Thank You

If you want to learn more about this process, please call Lawn Frogs Landscapes. We will provide you with a free lawn evaluation and give you suggestions on what steps need to be taken to give you the lawn that you want.

Please review our website and take a look at all the services that we provide. We are sure that you will like what you see. Now is the perfect time to start planning and do the work that is needed to have a great looking yard. We are looking forward to your telephone call or email.