4 Reasons to Hire Professional Roswell GA Landscaping Before The Busy Spring Season!

I know when the winter months are just beginning to warm up once again and spring’s bringing in the promise of a new year. It is hard to think about your landscaping chores when so much is going on with the season’s change, but you really want to hire a professional landscaping company before the full spring season kicks off.

I know we all have plenty to do, but hiring professionals like those of us at Lawn Frogs Landscaping in Roswell, Georgia, will save you a lot of time and hassle down the line. We can get you looking right from the very beginning.

So why should you hire us before the normal spring season? There are four big reasons that really stick out.

Reason #1: We Can Structurally & Selective Prune All Your Crepe Myrtles Properly

This is an extremely important service that we are glad to provide you. Far too many people don’t know the proper way to prune and trim up a crepe myrtle without causing a lot of damage to the tree itself. Unfortunately this is even too often the case when talking about many lawn care companies, as well.

We know how to properly take of your crepe myrtles. None of these terrible strategies of cutting the whole thing down to six feet tall, none of the irresponsible treatments that some landscapers refer to as “crepe murder.”

The proper treatment early means your trees will more easily resist fungus, disease, and insects. You can rest easy knowing we will do the job right so you don’t have to worry!

Reason #2: Properly Identify And Cut All Ornamental Grasses Prior To The Growing Season

Not every ornamental grass is the same, and they each have different needs for proper trimming, cutting, and treatment. We won’t just rush in with a generic cutting or trimming.

Our experience has shown us that going that extra mile to properly identify your specific ornamental grass allows us to do a better job cutting, trimming, and taking care of your landscape to bring out its maximum beauty!

You don’t want to wait too long to get your ornamental grasses treated. Do it early on before spring hits full force and your landscape will be that much more green and luscious when the growing season comes.

Reason #3: Weed Control In Early Spring To Prevent New Weeds From Springing Up

Weed control is hard in a heavy growing climate like the South, but it’s important for you to get the early jump on any potential weed issues if you want to make sure everything is looking its finest.

New weed germination begins in the spring, which is why a smart homeowner will call in a specialists to help prevent the sprouting of new weeds. We’ll use all of our experience to give you the best treatment based on your property and the type of weed issues that are most common to your area in the past.

You don’t want to wait until you’re overrun to finally give us a call. Get a head start on the weed problem you know is coming next season before it gets here and causes you a major hassle.

We’ll help you make sure your landscape is looking it’s Georgia finest…and as weed free as it can be.

Roswell GA Landscaping

Reason #4: It’s Not Too Hot And Better Pricing

Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea for taking care of the important things in life, and that includes weed treatments.

Not only does waiting mean you may have to deal with weeds and that they’ll be harder to contain while there, but you will have trouble getting the professionals scheduled since they get booked pretty heavily once the spring rains start.

By getting a jump on taking care of your Roswell landscape before the big spring rush not only will we be able to be more flexible on scheduling to help you out, but the temperature is much kinder and it’s not too hot to get truly good work done.

You’ll also find as the time gets booked up in the spring, it’s not unusual to see the prices go up as every booking means more demand and less time to fill it.

Spring is a busy time for a variety of reasons, and as the landscape comes alive it’s a beautiful thing to behold, but that also means there’s plenty of work to be done to keep it looking at its best!

Do yourself a favor and contact us before the spring rush comes in. Our experienced landscape professionals in Roswell Georgia know the area, know your needs, and will work tirelessly to make sure your landscape is looking its absolute finest.

We’re here to serve your landscaping needs!