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Roswell Landscape Tips For Fall Fescue

Way too many Roswell GA homeowners are packing up their lawn mowers and canceling their Roswell landscaping company until the spring growing season. The fall is the best time of the year to get your Fescue lawn back in shape from the hot Georgia summer heat. Fall aeration and seeding is one of the top landscaping Roswell GA projects that most homeowners undertake.

The renovation process will start with a lawn clean up of all debris and a good lawn mowing.  The next step and most important is a core aeration of cool-season grasses.  Aeration is the process of creating small holes in the turf by pulling plugs.  This loosens the soil compaction and lets nature’s elements, along with fertilizer and seeds, penetrate the soil more easily.  It enhances the oxygen levels, stimulating root growth and assist in the decomposition of thatch.

Aeration reduces water run off to prevent the grass seed from washing away, as well as increasing the lawn’s drought tolerance.  Spike or Spoon aeration can compact the soil.  Core aeration is the most effective method before interseeding.  Lawn Frogs Landscaping provides aeration on all cool season turfs such as Kentucky blue grass or turf tall fescue.

Fall Fescue lawn aeration tips Roswell GAChoosing Fall Seed For Your Roswell Lawn

Choose seed carefully. Look for the blue tag on the seed bag. This indicates that the seed is certified and ensures the seed is pure and free of noxious weeds. Buying the seed type you want is imperative.  Make sure your seed is not mixed with other varieties. This will be indicated on the blue seed tag.

Homeowners in Roswell GA should be realistic with their landscaping project. If fescue hasn’t grown under your shade trees before, it probably won’t now.

You can plant seed directly into a thin lawn, which is called interseeding. Lawns can be interseeded with 2 to 5 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet.

To ensure even coverage, use a broadcast spreader. Be careful not to apply too much seed. If too many seeds sprout they will compete with each other for light, water, space and nutrients. This results in unhealthy grass and possible pest problems.

With deliberate care after seeding, in four to six weeks, you should see the benefits of your Roswell landscaping project in a fuller, healthier fescue lawn.