How To Prepare your Turf For Warm Season Aeration In Dallas GA

How To Prepare your Turf For Warm Season Aeration In Dallas GA

Bermuda Turf Grass Aeration

Warm Season Aeration For Your Lawn

The best time to aerate warm season turf such as, Bermuda or Zoysia, is late spring and early summer because this is the time these varieties of turf grasses are out of its dormant state and growing again.
Lawn Frogs Landscaping recommends you mow your lawn 1-2 days prior to aeration, much lower than usual. The ideal height would be 1 inch tall or lower if you intend to scalp the turf prior. Bag all of the clippings. To learn more about scalping your warm season turf please read our article on “Scalping Warm Season Turf” or contact us to set up a time to do it for you.

Locate Your Utilities Before You Aerate Your Grass

Step one is to contact Georgia 881 to locate underground utilities. The main utility concern is the cable and satellite dish lines that run very shallow through the yard. This may take up to a week to get done so please make this the first step. You can dial 811 to contact by phone or click the link and do an online locate request as a homeowner. There is no fee for this service.

Mow or Scalp Your Turf Prior To Aeration

Step two is to mow the lawn to the ideal height of 1/2 – 1 inch. Remove all clipping so they do not clog the aeration holes. All leaves and debris should be removed prior to scalping. Please use sharp blades to promote the growth.

Water Your Lawn For Core Aerating

Step three is to irrigate your lawn. The lawn should be watered 2 days prior to help the core aeration process penetrate the soil to its maximum depth. Irrigating will not effect hiring Lawn Frogs Landscaping to scalp the turf the day of your aeration if you are skipping step 2, scalping your lawn. Do not water the day before or day of your aeration schedule. Too much water will cause a muddy mess. We recommend 1/2 to 1 inch of water 2 days prior before your aeration. You can set a cup outside and measure 1 inch in height and once it hits that mark, cut off the water.

Identify  To Avoid Damage From The Aerator

The fourth step is to mark all valve box covers, drainage grates, pipes, irrigation heads, invisible pet fences and any other infrastructure that has not been marked. We recommend white marking paint or white flags that you may pick up from your local home improvement or hardware store. Marking paint is found in the paint isle near spray paint. Be sure to use marking paint that can be turned upside down and sprays straight down. Do Not Use Spray Paint. White flags are generally in the tool isles. If you need help marking these things on your property there will be an additional fee to your aeration (minimum $10) and you must be home the day of your scheduled visit to go over the areas and turn the irrigation on.

The final step is to irrigate the turf again following the core aeration process. Lawn Frogs Landscaping recommends leaving all the plugs left from the core aeration. These plugs will break down and add nutrients back into the soil.

Fertilize Your Bermuda or Zoysia Following Aeration

Follow up with a good fertilization program through out the year with a weekly watering and mowing schedule.

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